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Gone Birding have decades of experience in a range of ornithological surveying methods, from single visit site surveys to multi-visit, intensive Common Bird Census and Tetrad type surveys.

If you are an Environmental Consultancy seeking reliable, efficient & proficient subcontractors or in industry/ commerce and have a site or area for which you need ornithological data, or simply want to know what birds are on your land, then we can probably help. We have years of experience in wide range of ornithological surveying methods including:

Dedicated site surveys Intensive breeding bird surveys Transects- 100m apart

Site Visits

single or multiple visits at any time of the year to record any avian inhabitants

Common Bird Census/ Breeding Bird Survey

intensive multi visit survey during the breeding season to plot every contact with behaviour annotations



similar to CBC, but walking in parallel lines through an area recording numbers and behaviour

2km x 2km tetrad squares Point Counts- x4 10 min periods per km2


large area survey involving single or multiple 1km squares requiring 2x 1 hour visits to each square, recording adult birds during the breeding season

Vantage Point

scanning an area from a vantage point for several hours on multiple visits

Point Count

making x4 10 min counts from 4 points with 1 km2. Repeated through the year. Useful for covering large areas

We can undertake all of the above, plus more, at a very reasonable £175 per day, or £100 for half a day, plus traveling expenses. We will talk to you and discuss what you want from the survey, and decide what the appropriate survey method would be. As part of the professional service you will receive a fully documented report of the findings, at a one off £175 for one days admin to produce the report* If required AV presentations can be given on the findings to supplement the documentary report, again at the daily/ half daily rate of £175/ £100 respectively plus traveling expenses.

*Except CBC and Tetrad methods that will require at least a week (7 days) to compile the maps and correlate the data.

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