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Date Late July/ Early August

Background Information- Location

  • Floating Hotel Danube Delta RomaniaLeader(s)- Romania Guide- Alexandru Dorosencu, GB Guide-Andy Hirst
  • Focus- Danube Delta, 3 full days exploring the varied wetlands here, then returning to Bucharest.
  • Habitats- Danube Delta is a myriad of creeks and channels, opening out to a vast plain, visiting wide channels, lakes, narrow channels and dikes as well as several villages for passerines.
  • Climate/ Weather- At the time of year it will be warm and sunny (hopefully) all day. Fleeces and jumpers will probably be required for pre-breakfast birding. A light windproof/ waterproof is probably a good idea.
  • Transport- From the airport at Bucharest we use a 25 seater air conditioned small coach, or large minibus, dependent on final numbers. In the Danube Delta we will occasionally use small boats with outboard motors.
  • Accommodation- Will be on a pontoon in small cabins, with en-suite facilities. There will be a lounge/ dining area and bar on the pontoon. Tour participants will share a room unless a single room supplement has been previously booked.
  • Food- Romanian food is well cooked hearty fare and freshly cooked, usually consisting of 3 or 4 courses. Vegetarians are catered for. On the Danube, fish, not surprisingly is the staple food (caught in the Danube), and appears at most meals. Bottled water will be provided throughout the tour free of charge.
  • Pace- Pretty relaxed, birding dawn until dusk but from the pontoon or on small launches- a little walking. Optional pre-breakfast birding excursions. Most is at a gentle pace. The time in the Danube Delta is relaxed, with little or no walking.
  • Daily Routine- Depending on where we are, there will be optional pre-breakfast birding from the pontoon in the heart of the Delta. After breakfast we are usually out for the day, taking picnic lunches with us, sometimes we return to the pontoon for lunch. We return each evening to the pontoon for an evening meal. Occasionally we will have meals earlier or later to fit in with the itinerary. Returning we will have a log of what we have seen during the day, usually over a beer! In the Danube we can watch at anytime from the pontoon, so get up as early as you like.
  • Recommended Reading -"Finding Birds in Romania" Gosney (EasyBirder)
  • Maps- Romania Travel Map, ( ITMB Publishing Ltd), Scale 1:850 000 . ISBN: 155341375X

For previous tour reports- please go to the Tour Reports Page, for reports and species lists

SPECIES LIST (in MS Word) click here

Background Information- Travel

  • Weight Allowance- Flight- 20kg, 1 bag only. Plus single small hand luggage bag.
  • Travel Arrangements/ Pickup- Meet at Luton airport as the holiday begins and ends here. Customers are required to make their own way to the airport. Usually Luton airport- where Check in time: 2 hours, but no less than 40 mins before departure.
  • Currency/ Requirements- A small amount of currency is a good idea for souvenirs and items of a personal nature, i.e. extra drinks. The currency in Romania is the Leu Greu or RON. It's suggested you take Euros, $$ or ££ and exchange within Romania. There will be opportunity to exchange cash. Please note Leu Greu and RON cannot be exchanged out of the country.
  • Passport / Visa Requirements- A full valid, in-date passport is required (with in excess 6 months before expiration). No separate visas are required.
  • Health Requirements- No inoculation or vaccinations are required. Note please don't drink the tap water, otherwise you will be taking advantage of the Romanian health services. We suggest you are up to date with a Tetanus inoculation. Please note adequate travel insurance is compulsory.
  • Special Equipment- A first aid kit will be available at all times. I will also be taking an Ipod with all the bird songs and calls of Europe installed. As well as a quality 82mm Fluorite scope with 30x w/a eyepiece and full first aid kit.
  • Clothing- Nothing special will be required. Lightweight shirts, shorts and skirts (for the women presumably) will be fine for the most part as it will be hot and sunny, therefore a brimmed hat is useful. Please take suncream. A light windproof/ waterproof just in case. Lightweight walking boots/ shoes should be adequate. A fleece and or jumper will be useful for the early mornings. Casual changes of clothing will be required for the evenings, along with a light pair of shoes or sandals.
  • Nuisances- Whilst on the Danube Delta Mosquito's could be a problem, particularly post breakfast and teatime, so Insect Repellent (containing DEET) should be taken. These could be problem in the damp woodlands also.
  • Useful Equipment Check List Useful equipment check list