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In September Andy Hirst will spend 5 days driving through Europe visiting 7 counties in an old banger! He's hoping to raise funds for SK58 Birders, as well as having a great time and see some spectacular sites.

The route starts in St Omer in France then goes through, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and finally arriving in Venice, Italy on the 5th day.

Route map

Andy explained "It's a journey of 1500 miles one way, then a meandering journey back through Italy & France (and a chance for bit of a holiday)." The countryside in the various countries should be spectacular, from the open countryside of northern France, through the Black Forest of Germany to the Stelvio pass in the Alps and of course the watery streets of Venice.

For the event Andy bought an old banger- the limit should have been £333, but he went a bit higher as they actually wanted to get there and back! Andy said "For the trip we bought a 2000, W reg Ford Puma in bright yellow!! Over the past year we've been doing it up with things like a new clutch, tyres, a service, replacement windscreen and cam belt. So as far as we can tell, the car is ready and we should make it there and back. However there's an oil leak we've yet to solve"

Ford Puma

Andy is going with his girlfriend Michelle, who is hopeless at navigating Andy said, so they HOPE to end up in Venice! but they have a reliable sat nav just in case! They are going under the name of Yellow Peril, which seemed apt given the colour of the car, plus they now have various shirts & tops in the same vivid yellow!

Supporting SK58 Birders

Andy said "We hope to raise funds for SK58 Birders, to enable them to continue the great work they do locally in recording, monitoring local birdlife and educating the local community on local birds and habitats within SK58". "We are hoping members of the group and the general public will sponsor us, either per mile, per country, per day or however they want to contribute."

To contact Andy about the trip, or if you wish to sponsor him, email or call him on 07947 068125