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16th March I have been out and about birding in SK58 and just had a great weekend in Norfolk. However I've been laid low with a shoulder injury which has kept me away from the keyboard for over a month. However all seems well now, but it's probably too late in the season to look at tours, so I'll have to write this year off. But will look at sorting out my filming kit for next year, so still busy birding and working behind the scenes at Gone Birding.

6th December It's been a while since the last update, so with Christmas rapidly approaching, we thought it high time we wrote a few lines. We've held off organising any 2019 tours thus far on two counts. Firstly I've had a dodgy knee most of the summer, which has now thankfully been rectified by physio, and secondly, and more importantly we're looking at concentrating on the filming side of Gone Birding and hoping to upgrade to the latest 4k kit soon, from camera to editing suite, which means after a hefty investment, we'd better make use of it! We're not ruling out any tours next year, but it will be scaled back.

We are hoping to ramp up our filming efforts, which will hopefully mean more GBi products. Follow us on Twitter (above) and Facebook to follow our progress.


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