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Finland Group

If you are a British or European birder, or a visitor from further afield, I'm sure there are bird species in Britain and Europe which elude you.

Several associates of Gone Birding have decades of experience in finding common, rare and elusive species in Britain and Europe. If you would like site information, or indeed a personal guide to show these problematical species then we can probably help. So do contact us at enquiries at gonebirding dot org

Tell us your requirements and we'll do the rest, whether it is site information for Ptarmigan or Nightjar, or an experienced guide to show you such species and maximise a trip to the UK or Europe, we can help. Our rates are 10 per hour site information retrieval and 175 a day for a guide*.

For example if you are in planning a trip the Highlands of Scotland and would like to see Ptarmigan we can supply the site information, i.e. sites & directions for 10.

We can also arrange for a guide to meet you (subject to one our guides being available) and show you these species. For example if you fly in to Inverness airport for a weeks birding in the Highlands we can have a guide meet you for any number of days @ 175 a day (199 Euros) plus any travel or subsistence expenses incurred by the guide to reach your location. So if there are eight of you, that works out at less than £22 per person per day!

All our guides are centrally based around Sheffield. Any overnight and subsistence expenses, should you wish to employ a guide for more than a day are also extra. Everyone we use has years of experience in finding, watching, recording, surveying and protecting birds in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Why not, for a small fee (per person when divided between a group), benefit from our experience so you can get to grips with the birds you have always wanted to see and make the most of your trip. All prices are agreed beforehand are inclusive with no hidden extras and confirmed in writing.

*This is purely for an expert guide, any transport and subsistence costs are extra.

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