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A Often we come across birders who struggle with particular groups of birds or topics such as bird song or warbler identification. So we thought we might help.

These are a mixture of half and full day tours taking place at weekends to destinations within a few hours of Sheffield.

Each tour will concentrate on a particular habitat or group of bird at an optimum time of year to connect with the target group. With small groups (max. 8 people per leader), we will show you the birds we are concentrating on and in a relaxed atmosphere tell you what to look for, how to identify the birds by sight and sound, so you can gain the skills and confidence to find and identify these birds yourself.

The day courses can be purchased individually or save £35 and book them all for £150.

February- "Winter Birds"-A morning looking at winter birds of woods, fields & water near Dinnington. Details to be confirmed £20.

March- "Raptors"-A morning in mid-March looking at raptors in the Peak District. Details to be confirmed £20.

March- "Woodland Birds"-A morning tour in late March looking, listening & identifying woodland birds near Sheffield. Details to be confirmed £20.

April- "Bird Song"-An early morning start looking and listening to a dawn chorus near Sheffield. Details to be confirmed £20.

May- "Warblers"-A day tour looking at warblers in woodlands, hedgerows and reedbeds within a short drive of Sheffield. Details to be confirmed £35.

June- "Summer Breeding Birds"-A day tour looking for the migrants that return to our shores to breed. Within a short drive of Sheffield. Details to be confirmed £35.

September-"Migration"-A day tour looking for the migrants stopping
off or just passing through £35.

If there's a particular topic/area you particularly want covering, then do suggest it to us.

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On the day tours you are responsible for getting yourself to the destination of the tour. (We can probably arrange a lift with other participants if needed).You will need to bring a packed lunch on all the day tours. Hot and cold drinks will be supplied.

What you will receive is guidance in a relaxed, small group environment.

The cost is £20 per person for a morning tour and £35 per person for an all day tour. Booking & payment in advance only. You can book all the day tours for £150 and save £35. Numbers will be limited to 8 clients per leader.